Italian-style leftovers burger

When eating our tricolore salad on Monday, Ash commented that he thought the fresh Italian flavours would go well on a burger. So, as we still had half a beef tomato, half an avocado and half a ciabatta loaf left over from Monday, and some rose veal burgers in the freezer, the Italian-style burger was born. Ash was right – the flavours worked perfectly and almost helped us to believe that it was nearly BBQ weather. And who doesn’t like a good burger?!

We made the tricolore salad as per the original recipe and let it sit while the burgers cooked, to let the herby flavours fully infuse.

Tricolore salad

We then cooked the burgers on a griddle pan (BBQ is obviously also an option if the weather is decent enough!) and brushed the ciabatta halves with a little bit of oil before griddling them as well. Ciabatta, by the way, is an enormous improvement as burger ‘bookends’ on the recent trend of using brioche, of which we’re not fans at all.

Cooking burgers and ciabatta

The only hard part was trying to assemble the giant tower of a burger!

Assembling the burger

We served this with a simple, colourful mixed salad, and Ash also made some chips. Miranda thinks it was more than filling enough without them; Ash disagrees. Adjust according to your appetite!

Ash's burger

Miranda's burger

A quick and easy mid-week dinner, and definitely one to be made again! The veal burgers from our local butcher were very tasty too – butcher meat and supermarket meat simply don’t compare!

Just a quick note on veal: It’s a common belief that eating veal is cruel, and in some cases we agree, however it isn’t that straightforward. Often calves raised for veal purposes are kept in appalling conditions, and the accepted standards for rearing veal calves on the Continent are lower than those in Britain. In the UK, however, it’s easy to get hold of rose veal from butchers, and this is the only type we would ever buy. This comes from cows reared in RSPCA-approved conditions, and is usually male dairy calves which would otherwise be killed for being ‘useless’: the wrong sex and unable to produce milk. Because of this, there’s actually a strong case for eating rose veal, to prevent the needless slaughter of these male calves who can’t do anything for the dairy industry. It’s important, therefore, when buying or ordering veal, to confirm its origin.

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