Back to basics Bangladeshi: Chicken korma

We do enjoy a good curry. Regular readers of this blog may not fully believe that, after our moaning about all the curries we’ve had to eat recently as a result of this challenge, but under normal circumstances, we do like to both cook and eat them. Our usual preference, though, is something with a kick: we’re definitely more likely to opt for madras than masala, and would always choose a karahi over a korma. We both share the opinion that the ‘mild’ sauces served up in English curry houses, such as korma, pasanda or lababdar, are sometimes so creamy and sweet that they taste like they’d be better off poured over a sponge pudding than meat and vegetables.

So, given that we’ve already made some curries recently that we weren’t overly fussed with, we once again found our hearts sinking when we found that the national dish of Bangladesh is the chicken korma. However, three things convinced us to give it a go:
1. Adventurous spirits
2. Assurances on many websites that a Bangladeshi korma is different from an Indian korma
3. The fact that Ash’s mum and sister, both of whom prefer mild curries, were staying with us Continue reading

China in our hands: Peking duck

Today is our WordPress anniversary, which means we cooked our first dish for this challenge, Welsh cawl, exactly one year ago! It’s crazy to think how that time has flown. Thanks to those who’ve followed us along the way. Now, 365 days later, we have another dish to share…

We mentioned last week that we’d missed out on commemorating Chinese New Year and (for the first time in Mash history) Pancake Day – mostly due to a abundance of other food. Well, seeing as the next country on our culinary tour list was China, there was no better way to rectify this disaster than to combine the two and make that most iconic of Chinese dishes, Peking duck (otherwise known as crispy duck pancakes). A couple of Miranda’s Chinese students had also recommended it out of all the Chinese dishes out there, which was another reason to give it a go.

This also seemed like a perfect excuse to go exploring in Chinatown in order to track down some authentic hoisin sauce and a bamboo steamer for the pancakes (not to mention the pancakes themselves – we weren’t taking any risks after our recent dosa disaster), so we had a fun afternoon exploring London’s Gerrard Street, getting some crispy duck inspiration and feeding our faces with pork dumplings and pineapple buns.

Chinatown fun Continue reading