Good evening Vietnam: Banh mi thit

En route to Australia last year, we stopped in Singapore for three nights. Although neither of us is much of a shopper, we decided we had to pay at least a cursory visit to the infamous Orchard Road. Ash, having been to Singapore once before, knew that there were plenty of hawker centres (food courts) to be found on the long road, so we thought we’d get the journey over and done with one morning and set off for some shopping and breakfast. What we didn’t realise was that the Orchard Road proprietors like a lie-in and that nothing actually opens until mid-morning, least of all the hawker centres. Hungry and fed up, we eventually happened upon a more Westernised food court with an open Vietnamese café, which is where we had our first encounter with the banh mi, or Vietnamese sandwich. Goodness knows how authentic it was, given that it was served in an air-conditioned shopping mall in Singapore rather than the streets of Vietnam, but we enjoyed it, so decided to recreate it.

Vietnamese banh mi breakfast in Singapore
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