No-ue: Niuean takihi

Regular readers may have noticed that we’ve been AWOL for a few weeks. When this has happened in the past, it’s been for exciting reasons like exotic holidays or that small matter of our wedding. Whilst we do have another reception coming up in 11 days (eek), that actually has nothing to do with our prolonged hiatus. You could also assume that Ash’s dislike of coconut might have led to a deliberate delaying of cooking this coconut-heavy Niuean dish, but the reason is even less interesting than that. Ladies and gentlemen, we can reveal that we have not made an international dish since 17th September because…. we were waiting for papayas to ripen.

We found (to Ash’s dismay) that Niue’s national dish is takihi, a dish involving only three ingredients: papaya, taro and coconut cream. Our immediate reaction to this was that it must be a sweet dish, so we went out and bought some papaya and eddoes (substitute for taro) with the intention of making it for dessert. Unfortunately, only green papayas were available at our local market, so on Greengrocer Google’s advice, we sat back and waited a few days for them to ripen… and waited… and waited… Then, on Sunday night, we decided we’d had enough of waiting: it was time to get it over with. Continue reading