A four-part feast: Kittian stewed saltfish, spicy plantains, seasoned breadfruit and coconut dumplings

Once again, readers, we greet you after something of a hiatus, partly because of an extremely busy couple of weeks and partly because after making the national dishes of Saint Kitts and Nevis three weeks ago, we then misplaced our camera so couldn’t upload the photos. Now, finding ourselves with both a retrieved camera and a spare few minutes, here we are!

Still on our quest around the Caribbean islands, we learnt that the national dish of Saint Kitts and Nevis is stewed saltfish, spicy plantains, seasoned breadfruit and coconut dumplings. We found ourselves simultaneously grateful that we live somewhere that has all of these ingredients within easy reach and (not for the first time) resentful that, as we’ve learnt before, breadfruit costs more than any other fruit or vegetable in the world ever. As it happens, so does jackfruit, which is what Ash (who did the shopping) came home with instead of breadfruit, making Miranda also resentful that the market stall owner had led him astray, jackfruit being significantly less enjoyable than breadfruit (in our opinion, at least). Never mind! Continue reading