Three day relay: El Salvadoran pupusas

Ok, we know we said we were going to choose simple recipes now that having a baby has made our lives a whole lot more complicated. We meant it at the time, we really did. Then El Salvador and its national dish of pupusas, and a desire to ‘do it right’, hit us simultaneously.

A pupusa is a stuffed cornmeal flatbread, usually served with curtido (a sort of pickled cabbage slaw). We chose a recipe that offered us the chance to cook pupusas the way Curly and his abuelita (granny) would have done. We don’t know who Curly and his grandmother are, but we do know that the stuffing combo of cheese, chicharrón (pork) and refried beans sounded good to us. So, in an epic three-day, tag-teaming relay, we made curtido, chicharrón and pupusa dough from scratch. Oh, and we figured we might as well make our own El Salvador-style refried beans, too. How? Read on… Continue reading