Family feast: Honduran plato tipico

When we first looked up the national dish of Honduras, we found the plato tipico: a massive plate of food, including three different types of barbecued meat. Regular readers of this blog will recognise that this was right up Ash’s alley (ok, and Miranda’s too), so we had to make it. However, unlike our multi-stage dish from El Salvador, which we put together over three days, this plato tipico had multiple elements that all had to be ready at the same time, with some being cooked in the kitchen and some outside on the barbecue. How could we possibly pull this together with a baby hanging around?

Luckily for us, this dish coincided with a visit from Baby Mash’s grandma and auntie, who were more than happy to take him off our hands for a couple of hours while we cooked.

In the end, we could only really find one recipe for Honduran plato tipico, so goodness knows if it’s even a real thing. We’ve since learned that it’s ubiquitous in Colombia, so maybe we haven’t made something Honduran after all. But we were too far gone by the time we realised that… so here it is. Continue reading