How it’s done: Nicaraguan tres leches cake (part two)

Normally if a recipe doesn’t work, or we don’t like the finished product, we chalk it up to experience and move on. It didn’t sit right with us, though, that our first attempt at Nicaraguan tres leches (three milks) cake, with all its wonderful ingredients, didn’t result in something amazing. What we got wasn’t bad, just… not amazing.

The first recipe we found for tres leches cake was on 196 Flavors, but we rejected it under the assumption that the recipe on might be more authentic. It may well be, but somehow we doubt it, because now that we’ve tried the 196 Flavors version, we can attest to the fact that it is 196% more delicious. THIS is what we thought we were making. Continue reading

Not suitable for babies: Nicaraguan tres leches cake

The national dish of Nicaragua is rice and beans – been there, done that. Thank goodness we thought we could do better and kept looking, because we found the tres leches (three milks) cake! Much like the Australia/New Zealand pavlova debate, there’s some disagreement over whether the tres leches cake originated in Nicaragua or Mexico, but it looked so delicious we were more than happy to side with the Nicaraguans.

This cake is seriously naughty: there are actually four milks (regular, evaporated, condensed and a LOT of double cream), sugar, butter and 9 eggs! This means that after we said we were going to try to make our dishes baby-friendly from now on, we managed to make that last for a grand total of one country… but we have a baby who doesn’t sleep, so we think we deserve a treat. And oh, this is a treat.

There are a lot of recipes for tres leches cake out there, with minor variations. We decided to go with the one on based solely on the name of the website. Continue reading