Worth the wait: Colombian torta negra

We weren’t going to make a Christmas cake this year. We have enough to do at the moment, and we’re never at home on Christmas Day to eat it. Ash’s mum and sister (with whom we spend Christmas) always make amazing cakes so we get our fill! Miranda also made Ash three fruit cakes for our anniversary in August.

But then we needed a Colombian recipe. Colombia’s national dish, bandeja paisa, is essentially the same as the plato tipico we made for Honduras, so that was out. Our friend who has visited Colombia suggested fish stew, but that involved coconut (which Ash doesn’t like) and lots of good seafood (which is hard to come by). Since it’s December, we thought we’d see if there were any good Colombian Christmas dishes, and that when we found torta negra (black cake) – and along with it, an excuse to make a Christmas cake after all. And not just any Christmas cake – one drenched in port and rum. Hurrah! Continue reading