Fish and chips always tastes better when eaten out of a newspaper; Pad Thai seems so much more authentic in a polystyrene tray bought from a street vendor. In our case, we don’t care that we have Freecycled crockery: we just want to enjoy everything we eat off it. This blog is our place to document our self-imposed ‘cookery challenges’ and hopefully show the world how life is so much more about the steak than the sizzle.

Having already set ourselves the challenge of using each of our 114 (more now!) cookery books at least once in the space of a year (and completed it successfully), we are now combining our love of food with our love of travel and cooking our way around the world in the style of the Blockbuster board: once we’ve cooked a traditional dish from one country, our next one must be from a bordering country, until we end up back where we started.

Who are we?
Known collectively as ‘Mash’, we are Miranda and Ashley: two food-obsessed, young(ish) people with an unnecessarily large collection of cookery books, constantly dreaming of a bigger kitchen in our South London home. We prefer to cook from scratch and aim for a nice balance between trying out other people’s recipes and inventing our own (also known as ‘Ready Steady Cook’-ing and usually occurring when there are only frighteningly disparate ingredients left in the fridge).

17 Me licking spoonMiranda is an Australian teacher who will eat and cook pretty much anything as long as it has plenty of flavour and isn’t full of E-numbers. She is usually tasked with the cooking of anything that has flour in it. Her appetite is deceptively large (OK, enormous) considering her relatively small stature.



66 Carnivore Ash
Ashley is an English engineer whose eyes are almost never bigger than his stomach. He has a particular fondness for ‘man food’ (especially if it involves beef) but Miranda has helped him to find his sweet tooth. His speciality is chilli con carne.

Temperatures are in Celsius; measurements are a mix of metric and cups. All recipes are credited but if yours is here and you don’t want it to be, please let us know. Photographs are far from professional. We are not affiliated with Amazon, nor sponsored by anyone or anything: all links are for reference only and we are not making any profit from them.

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