Happy Easter: Burmese duck egg curry and feisty cabbage salad

We’ve mentioned before that by total fluke, during this challenge we’ve cooked Welsh food on St David’s Day, Irish for St Patrick’s Day and Chinese just in time for Chinese New Year. Well, for this Easter weekend, we’ve ended up ‘in’ Myanmar. ‘What does that have to do with anything?’ you may ask, which would be a fair question, but hopefully the answer will become clear when we tell you that the key ingredient of our Burmese dish was eggs, which seemed very fitting for the occasion.

When we first researched Burmese food, we found that the national dish was some sort of catfish stew, which, honestly, didn’t excite us. Nor did the fact that it involved ingredients we weren’t sure we’d be able to find: not just catfish, but also banana trunk – we’re not even sure exactly what that is, let along where to get it. Fortunately, we were able to turn to our trusty Bought, Borrowed & Stolen by Allegra McEvedy, where we found not only a recipe for Duck Egg Curry, but also Tin-Baw-Thee Thoat (feisty pickled cabbage salad). We’ve never made a bad recipe from this book, so knew we were in safe hands. Continue reading