One more stew for luck: Greek beef stifado

While our taste buds were touring around Central and Eastern Europe, our only frustration was that so many countries had similar traditional dishes, mostly based around stewed meat and plenty of stodgy carbs (usually potatoes or a variation on pasta). In an effort to avoid making the same thing every time we reached a new country, we tried to vary what we made, including desserts, baking and even breakfasts in the mix. Understandably, we were pretty excited to have left that region of the world and get to the Mediterranean region (namely Greece), which would give us the opportunity to make a whole new range of meals. We could eat vegetables again! Olives, feta, seafood, fresh herbs! Light, fresh, tangy flavours that we’ve been looking forward to since ‘setting sail’!

So what have we opted for? Beef stifado. In other words, Greek beef stew. Served with pasta. However, this decision is not quite as strange as it may appear. Ash remembers enjoying a beef stifado at a tiny local restaurant whilst on holiday with his parents on the Island of Kalymnos (to the east side of the Aegean Sea near Kos) over 15 years ago, and has been going on about it ever since. The strong-flavoured and melt-in-the-mouth beef and onion stew with spices and a thick gravy was worth one more casserole… Continue reading