Simple supper: Romanian stuffed peppers

Although Romania has been reasonably prominent on our ‘To Visit’ list for a while now, we don’t actually know much about it other than that it’s where Dracula came from, and that there’s an ice hotel there. Both are very exciting, but neither gives much insight into the country’s cuisine. Fortunately, Google came to the rescue and provided us with a recipe for ardei umpluti, or stuffed peppers.

Unlike stuffed peppers we’ve made before, this one is served with a tomato sauce, and this is where the recipes we found differ the most. We opted for the one from which uses fresh tomatoes, but many other recipes used a tomato puree base. I suppose it comes down to what you prefer, and also what you have in the fridge. Otherwise, we adapted the recipe slightly, but it’s mostly as per the original.

We were lucky enough to find some enormous, locally-grown peppers at our fruit and veg market, although this did mean that we could actually have done with a little bit more of the stuffing. This amount should be plenty for normal sized peppers, but if you had any left over I suppose you could just fry it up like a mini burger or something. Conversely, we were also somewhat unlucky in that Miranda bought sour cream as an accompaniment (recommended in the recipe) but then forgot all about it. We don’t think it was really lacking anything without it though. We did heat up some dinner rolls to mop up the sauce, but as it happened, the stuffing kind of did that for us, so they weren’t an essential component either. Continue reading